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Who are we and what is this?

March 23, 2009

So, who are we and what is this? Good questions, both of them. First, we are a newly married couple who have spent the better part of our relationship worrying about food. We’ve bought cookbooks and joined weight loss programs. We’ve committed ourselves to eating better and for awhile we did. But we always seem to slip up. I’d say we are probably pretty typical.

Now, we can no longer afford to be typical. We have to be the ones who succeed at this. I was diagnosed with the vague problem of metabolic syndrome. You can find more detailed information on it here, but in a nutshell it means I carry too much weight around my middle. It also means I have elevated triglycerides and blood sugar that’s on the verge of being in the dangerous range. Plus, I take medicine for high blood pressure. All of that means I have a vested interest in getting ahead in this battle.

As for the Mrs., well she has a family history of heart issues and other health problems. She has an interest in getting healthier too.

That’s us. So, what is this?

This is a place that we can share what we have learned in the nearly four years we have been doing this together. And hopefully, if we can build a community of people who come here often enough, they can share what they have learned with us.

We are going to talk about food, exercise and healthy habits. We’ll share recipes we have tried, confess about our struggles with food and celebrate our successes. We’ll give the heads up on foods we find in the grocery store. And, again, if we build a community of regular readers they’ll share all of those things with us.

This is also a place where we can be accountable. If we have a little public pressure maybe we can beat this thing once and for all.

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