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McDonald’s new tortilla-wrapped Big Mac

March 24, 2009

McDonald’s is creating a Big Mac in a tortilla, at least that’s what I keep reading. They are testing the new snack wrap concept in Houston and Wisconsin. It’s the company’s first attempt at adding beef to the snack wrap line. The tortilla will wrap around half a beef patty, lettuce, cheese, and special sauce.

Here’s the problem, though. It’s not a Big Mac. The Big Mac was my longtime sandwich of choice at McDonald’s. That was before they introduced the Double Quarter Pounder. Recently I have been trying to move back to the Big Mac whenever we pay a visit to the house that Ronald built.

Notice the pattern in my sandwich choice? Double meat. That’s what makes a Big Mac a Big Mac. The special sauce is special, no doubt, but that’s not what the key to the Big Mac is two all-beef patties.

*For the record, I have mostly given up the Double Quarter Pounder. I do still have one every once in a while. Typically, though, I have a single Quarter Pounder if I am not having a Big Mac.


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