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Next steps, not missteps

March 24, 2009
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Gina and I were at church a few weeks ago and listened to a guest speaker give a sermon that struck us both as eye-opening. It was on next steps. I won’t try to relay exactly what he said, but the main point was that God is not concerned with our missteps but with our next steps. He is more concerned with where we go after we falter than whether we faltered at all.

We both left and said to each other that it was really a great sermon and one that we each needed to hear. We each have a tendency to beat ourselves up over our mistakes, especially when it comes to food. She does it more than I do, but we are both guilty.

Listening to the sermon though it struck us both, I think at the same time, that it was true. God is more concerned with our next steps than our missteps. And if he is more concerned about what we do next, then we should be too.

I know that it’s easier said than done, and even after hearing the sermon Gina and I are still  beating ourselves up over our mistakes. But a lot of the time if you were at our house, you’d hear us remind ourselves, “Next steps. Next steps.”

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