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Review: Smart Ones English Muffin Sandwich

March 29, 2009

The other day when I was looking at couple of sites I stumbled across a pair of reviews of a product that has been a big player on our breakfast table for at least the last four years — the  Smart Ones English Muffin Sandwich.

The people at Cheaplander gave it a 4 and said this to wrap up.

My husband said the sandwich was just okay and not really all that spectacular. Coming from him, that’s saying a lot actually because again, he’s someone that likes these type of meals. He said the “Canadian bacon” was very dry and the egg was bland. The English muffin soft and not crispy at all.

Would I buy these? No. I asked my husband if he would like me to buy these for him and he said no. When asked if he would eat them again, if someone offered him one, he said yes. So there you have it, not good enough for him to want to purchase. but edible enough he would eat them again. I say purchase at your own risk.

The folks over at Frozen Food Journal were a little more positive but their praise wasn’t exactly glowing.

Smart Ones Morning Express Canadian Style Bacon English Muffin Sandwich is decent. It’s pricey and not filling. On the other hand unlike a sandwich from a greasy fast food joint it has a clean taste. I enjoyed that. If it’s on sale I may grab it again.

I would say that we humbly disagree. I read those reviews at the end of the week and knew we had a couple of boxes of these Smart Ones in the freezer at home. Perfect. Here’s a chance for us to shed a little light on a product that we know and like.

I could offer my opinion on these sandwiches, which I like quite a bit by the way. Instead, I talked to my wife about them. She’s much more of the expert, having eaten probably twice the number of these that I have.

“It is satisfying and fulfilling, and it gives me the McDonald’s flavor that I really am craving.”

If you are looking for a Mickey D’s clone, then keep looking. Gina says that these are mushier than a real Egg McMuffin. The egg isn’t quite the same either.

“Definitely you can tell it’s a different kind of egg, but that doesn’t adjust the flavor so much that I’m disappointed in it.”

I think this is where many people run into problems with healthier versions of full-fat favorites. They are looking for something to be an exact copy, and that’s just not going to happen. If they would just accept that they can get something close to get them through a craving, they’d be much happier.

Here, by the way, is how we ate ours today. We paired it with a frozen hash brown. We got a near-copy of a McDonald’s experience for less calories.


That little bit of cheese on the front of the plate was left there for a reason. It was to show how little of it we lost when we made ours. One of the other reviewers mentioned being concerned about that. Figuring out how to keep the cheese on the sandwich was a bit of trial and error for us. We have found that cooking the sandwich uncovered for about 1 minute 20 seconds seems to work the best. The muffin gets a bit soft but the sandwich stays together better.

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