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Wanted: A low-cal pizza crust

March 30, 2009

Does anyone have a low-cal pizza crust recipe? I am not convinced that we can’t have pizza on a regular basis, we just have to find a low-cal crust. That’s where all the calories are, after all.

Gina and I both love pizza. I can’t count the number of times we have made our Saturday lunch the buffet at Pizza Inn. Obviously, if we are going to lose weight and get healthy we can’t be doing that as often as we might like. That means we should be making it at home, something I am not at all against.

I am an expert pizza maker if I do say so myself. My first job was working at the local amusement park at a pizza stand. It was all done by a formula with frozen crusts and big cans of sauce. We had to put exactly 24 pepperonis on each pizza in concentric circles. We had a scoop that we were supposed to use for the sausages. No more than what could fit in that scoop was to be put on a pizza.

Those were the only two flavors of pie we served. You could by it by the slice or as a whole pizza. I worked my way up form pizza maker to assistant-assistant manager. I got to supervise on the weekends and get yelled at by parents who wanted to a whole pizza 15 minutes before the Ninja Turtles concert. They never seemed to understand that it took us 10 minutes to cook each one.

So, again. Anyone have a low-cal pizza crust recipe to share?

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