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Secondhand review: Fiber Plus Antioxidants Chocolate Chip Bar

April 1, 2009


Stumbled across The Skinny Plate’s take on a bar the we have been eating in our house for a couple of weeks now — Kellogg’s new Fiber Plus Antioxidants Chocolate Chip Bar. Like is mentioned in the other review, there are two flavors. This is the only one we have tried since Gina doesn’t like dark chocolate and I am not a huge fan.

We both like these bars. We recently shoved them in a carry-on bag as a snack on an early morning flight. They are chocolaty and have a good texture. Some of the other souped up fiber bars we have tried can be a bit dry but these aren’t. And these are a decent size. Plus, with 9 grams of fiber you get more than 1/3 of your daily fiber requirements with just one bar.

There are only 120 calories per bar here, which seems low for these types of items. I am just going from memory, but most of the bars of this size that I have eaten are in the 150 to 200 calorie range. I felt like I was getting the most from my calories with these.

These do contain chicory root as their main ingredient and that has been known to do a number on people’s digestive systems after eating them, so be warned.

One of the minuses The Skinny Plate gives these isn’t because of taste, but packaging. Only five in a box. We’d agree. Seems like there should be six. That won’t keep us from getting them again.

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