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Secondhand review: Quaker Cinnamon Suger Multigrain Minis

April 2, 2009

Another healthy review by the folks at quaker-minis

This is another crisp-style snack.

It’s the Quaker Cinnamon Sugar Multigrain Minis. Honestly, I’ve never had these before, but I do like the Quaker mini cakes. I have mentioned previously that they make a ranch flavor rice crisp that I like to use as a chip substitute.

The reviewer seemed to like these. Said they smelled great. The taste didn’t live up to what he was anticipating. That is something I have found true with these snacks, particularly the apple cinnamon flavor. Those are good for the first fice to ten. Then you get a serious artificial sweetener aftertaste. I do, however, recommend crushing three or four up and dropping them into some low-fat vanilla yogurt wth some fresh berries. They make a good substitute to the high-fat, high-calorie granola. Just a tip.


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