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Health: Why can’t I lose weight?

April 3, 2009

There has been some frustration in our house over weight recently. Both Gina and I seem to have a weight range that we hover in and can’t ever get out of. My range is about 10 pounds. Right now I am on the lower end of that range and feeling pretty good. There is, however, a little place in the back of my brain where a seed of doubt exists. It’s a little place that seems to be able to tell the rest of my brain that my current weight loss can’t be maintained.

Gina has a range of about five pounds that she bounces between. Right now she is on the upper end of her range and is frustrated. She wants so badly to be able to crack that barrier, and there is nothing I want more than for her to do it too.

Neither of us are sure what the problem is. We know that we can get below these ranges because we’ve done it before. We’ve both been well-below where we are now. We’ve just got to figure out how to do it. If anyone else has advice we’d love to hear it. Believe us. We are ready to move on and get out of these ranges.

All that said, I found this article very interesting.  It lists some reason why your weight loss may be paused. There were some here that I hadn’t heard before and the whole thing was very interesting.

There is a fine line between a reason and an excuse. A reason is something you overcome. An excuse is something that you use as a crutch. It’d be easy to use the things in this article as an excuse, but we can’t. We have to see these as challenges to move past. They are just things that mean we may have to work harder than some others.

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