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Secondhand review: KFC’s new grilled chicken

April 21, 2009

Our collective ears perked up when the wife and I saw celebrity chefs G. Garvin and Sandra Lee plugging KFC’s new grilled chicken. We didn’t know KFC was offering such a thing. Seeing Sandra giving it the old thumbs up, even if it’s a paid endorsement, made us think it may be good. And it may be. We haven’t tried it yet. But this reviewer has. Here’s a snippet.

The Kentucky Grilled Chicken is marinated and seasoned with a blend of six secret herbs and spices and is slow-grilled. Its appetizing smell was similar to other grilled chicken I’ve had before. The meat was juicy, tender and really tasty. It doesn’t taste like any of the KFC fried chickens, instead it tastes more like roasted or rotisserie chicken.

Nutritional info is at the bottom of the complete post. This looks to be good and good for you. It may work its way into our weekend lineup when we don’t want to cook anything.

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