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Minding the perimeter

April 27, 2009

Can I brag on us for just a little bit? Sure? Thanks.

Rations were running low at our house so we hit the grocery store yesterday to stock up. And for what I think is the first time we did something we had always heard was the best way to shop. We filled our cart with things that they keep on the perimeter of the store. The odd thing is, we didn’t plan on doing it that way. It’s something that just sort of happened.

It was fruits and vegetables first and we bought lots of those. Gina is afraid we may have bought too much, and I understand that concern. She doesn’t want us to get to next weekend and be throwing out broccoli crowns. I don’t either, but I don’t think we will. We’ll eat all of this.

Next was meats and fish. They were having a great sale so we bought enough to last about four weeks it seems. This is where we are going to have to make sure we use all of it.  We have a plan and most of  it involves me and the grill. But that’s fine, I like doing it.

Next was dairy. We bought cheese and yogurt to snack on. Gina is really opening up to trying different flavors of yogurt. She seems to be leading toward the tangs of the lemon and limes. I am a berry man, myself. But it’s good to see her give more flavors a chance. I am proud of her.

We finished up with some nuts and granola but that was it. We never ventured into the frozen foods or processed stuff. I think the only thing we bought from the middle were some marinades for all of the meat.

We had read and heard people say that the healthiest way to shop is just buy form the perimeter, but it never seemed realistic, at least not to me. There are too many things we like there in the middle aisles. And I am not saying we won’t ever shop there again, but yesterday we didn’t and I think we both left the store feeling good.

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  1. April 30, 2009 12:34 am

    Yup… the middle aisles are dangerous. Great job at avoiding the traps and shopping strategically.

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