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A promise of things to come

April 8, 2009

Things have been a little quiet the last few days. Nearly a week to be exact. Well, we do have a few pieces to post. There is a new story at another site we want to link to on the worst diets out there. We also have a few recipes to share. A couple of them were good. One was definitely not. We’ll give you the skinny on all of them. And we have a new site we are testing out to track calories. We’ll share what we like and don’t like about that.

So, stay tuned. We’ll get those posted as soon as possible.


Health: Why can’t I lose weight?

April 3, 2009

There has been some frustration in our house over weight recently. Both Gina and I seem to have a weight range that we hover in and can’t ever get out of. My range is about 10 pounds. Right now I am on the lower end of that range and feeling pretty good. There is, however, a little place in the back of my brain where a seed of doubt exists. It’s a little place that seems to be able to tell the rest of my brain that my current weight loss can’t be maintained.

Gina has a range of about five pounds that she bounces between. Right now she is on the upper end of her range and is frustrated. She wants so badly to be able to crack that barrier, and there is nothing I want more than for her to do it too.

Neither of us are sure what the problem is. We know that we can get below these ranges because we’ve done it before. We’ve both been well-below where we are now. We’ve just got to figure out how to do it. If anyone else has advice we’d love to hear it. Believe us. We are ready to move on and get out of these ranges.

All that said, I found this article very interesting.  It lists some reason why your weight loss may be paused. There were some here that I hadn’t heard before and the whole thing was very interesting.

There is a fine line between a reason and an excuse. A reason is something you overcome. An excuse is something that you use as a crutch. It’d be easy to use the things in this article as an excuse, but we can’t. We have to see these as challenges to move past. They are just things that mean we may have to work harder than some others.

Secondhand review: Quaker Cinnamon Suger Multigrain Minis

April 2, 2009

Another healthy review by the folks at quaker-minis

This is another crisp-style snack.

It’s the Quaker Cinnamon Sugar Multigrain Minis. Honestly, I’ve never had these before, but I do like the Quaker mini cakes. I have mentioned previously that they make a ranch flavor rice crisp that I like to use as a chip substitute.

The reviewer seemed to like these. Said they smelled great. The taste didn’t live up to what he was anticipating. That is something I have found true with these snacks, particularly the apple cinnamon flavor. Those are good for the first fice to ten. Then you get a serious artificial sweetener aftertaste. I do, however, recommend crushing three or four up and dropping them into some low-fat vanilla yogurt wth some fresh berries. They make a good substitute to the high-fat, high-calorie granola. Just a tip.

Photos of new Big Mac Wrap

April 1, 2009

There is now photo proof of the existence of McDonald’s tortilla-wrapped Big Mac that we mentioned earlier. A warning, it’s looks much worse than I am sure it tastes.

Secondhand review: Fiber Plus Antioxidants Chocolate Chip Bar

April 1, 2009


Stumbled across The Skinny Plate’s take on a bar the we have been eating in our house for a couple of weeks now — Kellogg’s new Fiber Plus Antioxidants Chocolate Chip Bar. Like is mentioned in the other review, there are two flavors. This is the only one we have tried since Gina doesn’t like dark chocolate and I am not a huge fan.

We both like these bars. We recently shoved them in a carry-on bag as a snack on an early morning flight. They are chocolaty and have a good texture. Some of the other souped up fiber bars we have tried can be a bit dry but these aren’t. And these are a decent size. Plus, with 9 grams of fiber you get more than 1/3 of your daily fiber requirements with just one bar.

There are only 120 calories per bar here, which seems low for these types of items. I am just going from memory, but most of the bars of this size that I have eaten are in the 150 to 200 calorie range. I felt like I was getting the most from my calories with these.

These do contain chicory root as their main ingredient and that has been known to do a number on people’s digestive systems after eating them, so be warned.

One of the minuses The Skinny Plate gives these isn’t because of taste, but packaging. Only five in a box. We’d agree. Seems like there should be six. That won’t keep us from getting them again.

Recipe: Super quick pineapple cake

April 1, 2009


Gina literally whipped this up in about two minutes the other night and it’s fantastic. Seriously awesome. It’s also super simple, which is becoming quite a theme here.

It’s four ingredients if you buy pre-baked cakes like we did and requires no baking. You’ll need fat-free Cool Whip, a 20 oz. can of crushed pineapple, one 3 oz. package of sugar-free, fat-free vanilla pudding. Put a cup of Cool Whip in a bowl. Add the pineapple and pudding. Stir. That’s it, you’re done.

We bought some 80 calorie desert cups pre-baked at the grocery store and topped those with the “icing.”

That’s the one Gina put together for me. She loves me so I got two cakes.


Health: 7 rules for eating

March 31, 2009

Found this interesting article on WebMD.  The piece is tied to a talk given by food big shot Michael Pollan to the CDC on America’s unhealthy obsession with unhealthy eating. He boiled his food philosophy down into seven words:

“Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.”

There is a nice list on the first page of the article on how to shop healthy. These are tips I’ve heard before, but they are good to hear again. You may not have heard them so click the link and take a look.

The piece of the article that interested me most, though, is on the second page under the subheadline, “Eat Foods, Not Nutrients.” I got into my feelings on this in a  previous post.

It’s always nice to have your opinions validated by an expert in a field. Pollan does that for me here.

  • Myth #1: Food is a delivery vehicle for nutrients. What really matters isn’t broccoli but its fiber and antioxidants. If we get that right, we get our diet right. Foods kind of get in the way.
  • Myth #2: We need experts to tell us how to eat. Nutrients are invisible and mysterious. “It is a little like religion,” Pollan said. “If a powerful entity is invisible, you need a priesthood to mediate your relation with food.”
  • Myth #3: The whole point of eating is to maintain and promote bodily health. “You are either improving or ruining your health when you eat — that is a very American idea,” Pollan says. “But there are many other reasons to eat food: pleasure, social community, identity, and ritual. Health is not the only thing going on on our plates.”
  • Myth #4: There are evil foods and good foods. “At any given time there is an evil nutrient we try to drive like Satan from the food supply — first it was saturated fats, then it was trans fat,” Pollan says. “Then there is the evil nutrient’s doppelganger, the blessed nutrient. If we get enough of that we, will be healthy and maybe live forever. It’s funny through history how the good and bad guys keep changing.”

Go and read the rest of the article. It’s worth the few minutes of your time.